Winners of three 2020 Awards programs are being announced in early December 2020 and will be presented during a series of Virtual Awards Gala celebrations in Jan/Feb 2021. 


The three programs are:

  • 11th Annual Emerging Leaders Awards (to be presented Jan 28, 2021)


    19th Annual M&A Advisor Awards (to be presented Feb 4, 2021)

Honorees of each program enjoy these benefits on a complimentary basis:

  • Announcement and promotion of your recognition to over 100,000 deal professionals, executives, and media contacts, in December 2020

  • Each Awards Winner will be listed in the M&A Awards Gala Journal, a multi-media magazine showcasing the honorees and their firms, to be distributed in early 2021 to virtual event delegates as well as our broader constituency of over 100,000

  • Your own press release:  We will supply an initial draft of your company’s own press release promoting the award.  Contact us to receive this document.

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.


The M&A Advisor’s Award honorees are an elite set of dealmakers and decision makers with outsized influence among the global finance and corporate business communities, accustomed to networking and accepting recognition in exclusive, in-person settings surrounded by highly accomplished, highly active peers.


Our new Winners Packages are designed to deliver a similarly high level of value, on par with the benefits traditionally delivered through participation at our in-person events, but now delivered in an interactive, feature-rich virtual environment. 


… to purchase:

  • now through Thursday Jan 14, 2021

  • online using the form below, or directly from our staff


… as either:

  • a customized package, assembled in consultation with our staff

  • or as one of 3 pre-packaged bundles:



Winners Package #1 – The Prize Pack

Winners Package #2 – The Media Collection

         Winners Package #3 – The Sponsorship Set

Honorees and their representatives are invited to purchase a Winners Package in order to:


  • accept your Award with your guests during a Virtual Award Gala presentation and networking event

  • receive delivery of the Award plaque

  • further promote this prestigious recognition to a large professional readership base

  • establish pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with desired business development contacts

  • support the Awards program during these turbulent times

  • highlight other key accomplishments, unique capabilities, and thought leadership

  • enjoy several other benefits

More benefits are available:



Each of the Winners Packages, #1, #2, and #3, include ALL of the following common features:


  • Your Award plaque will be assembled, boxed and delivered straight to your office or home

  • Unlimited use of the Award Winners Logo in your communications and your company's promotional materials

  • Dedicated social media campaign, executed by The M&A Advisor, to further promote your Award and recognition across multiple platforms (and can also include other key accomplishments, unique capabilities and/or thought leadership content)

  • Pre-arranged one-on-one meetings with targeted business development contacts

  • Complimentary registration for winners/guests to attend the Virtual Awards Gala where the awards will be presented



Winners Package #1

The Prize Pack

  • Includes ALL features listed above under Common Features

  • Includes complimentary registration for up to 3 people to attend one Virtual Awards Gala

Cost $2,500

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Winners Package #2
The Media Collection

  • Includes ALL features listed above under Common Features

  • Includes complimentary registration for up to 6 people to attend one Virtual Awards Gala


  • M&A TV on-camera interview to appear:

  1. near the front of the Awards Gala Journal, distributed to over 100,000

  2. among Google Search results.  Our M&A TV interviews typically appear among top 4 search results for individuals

  3. on our M&A TV YouTube channel

  • Print feature in Journal, about 1/4 page, introducing the linked video or other content

  • Full-page Congratulatory Advertisement in Journal

Cost $5,000

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Winners Package #3

The Sponsorship Set

  • Includes ALL features listed above under Common Features

  • Includes ALL features listed in Winners Package #2 - The Media Collection

  • Complimentary registration for up to 10 people to attend Virtual Awards Gala


  • Your Company and Logo will be featured prominently as sponsor of the Gala or other virtual event:

  1. on website

  2. in event communications

  3. during virtual event

  4. in Awards Gala Journal, distributed to over 100,000

  • 150-word profile & prominent Logo placement featured in Awards Gala Journal

  • Targeted email distribution of your M&A TV interview and/or other content

  • Virtual Exhibit during your sponsored virtual event:

  1. Prominent visibility and “virtual” exhibit entrance

  2. Several lead-capture capabilities

  3. Live video chat

  4. Event and exhibit attendee lists provided with contact information

  5. Display and/or distribution of thought-leadership or marketing content

Cost $7,500

Please contact us to: 

  • discuss the bundles

  • customize your own package

  • receive your complimentary press release draft

  • inquire about the awards programs or events


Steve Finney

Senior Director

The M&A Advisor

+1 (212) 812-2136


George Martinez

Senior Director

The M&A Advisor

+1 (718) 483-6044